Iran, Razavi Khorasan, Mashhad, Abu Talib Crossroads, Barjis Bazaar, Unit 158

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Introducing Beton Chemi Zarin in Mashhad

Beton Shimi Zarin Koh started its activities in the field of selling concrete additives in consulting form since 2004 and has been established in Mashhad since 2006.

Zareen Chemical Concrete Company is currently a producer of concrete additives, construction adhesives, construction insulations, spacers, and waterstops, which are marketed under the exclusive code of BS.
Also, due to the production, distribution and export of products and the efforts of the personnel and engineers, Beton Shimi Company was able to become the first and only holder of the American ASTM standard in Iran (AS00T00220910M04) as well as certificates such as TUWCERT (BS EN 934-6:2019 and obtained iso 9001:2015). And it has Russian Gast standards (ISO 1401:2015 and ISO 10002:2018).

The sales development of the Beton Shimi company’s products is as follows: concrete additives, building adhesives, building insulations, lubricants, grout, spacers, waterstops, polymer bitumen, epoxy floor coverings, implementation of concrete projects, Implementation of fiber cement facade and implementation and sale of anti-fire and implementation of sealing of pools and concrete tanks, etc.
Sales office address: Central sales office: Mashhad, Abu Talib intersection, between 35 and 37 Qarani, Barjis Bazaar, unit 158
Contact number: 051-37231638, 051-37231639

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