Roof Chemistry

Roof chemistry

How to choose the right type of roof insulation?To be able to choose the best products for your home, you need to consider several points. Before making any decision, ask yourself the following questions, the answers will help you ...

Moisture Pool Insulation

Moisture pool insulation

Types of pool waterproofingSwimming pool insulation based on polymersPool insulation based on epoxiesSnakhar insulation based on acrylicsSwimming pool insulation based on polymer cementSwimming pool insulation based on polymersPolymers are a high-quality and very resistant chain that is the best product ...

Powder Adhesive For Ceramic Tiles

Powder adhesive for ceramic tiles

What is tile adhesive?Tiles are an easy way to make your home look great, but installing them can also be a hassle. Using the right tile adhesive is critical to creating a strong bond between the tile and your ...



What is a rock scoop?Butterfly stone face scope and ceramic scope are the names of galvanized metal parts that prevent ceramic and stone faces from falling.Porous building materials such as travertine stone with the holes in their back ...

Concrete Mold Oil

Concrete mold oil

What is mold oil?Concrete mold oil is a chemical substance that is also known as concrete mold oil and by creating a slippery layer between the concrete and the mold surface, it makes it easier to separate the mold ...



Concrete powder waterproof additive is a mixture with very fine particles insoluble in water, which spreads throughout its entire volume after mixing with concrete.Due to the hydrophobicity of concrete powder waterproofing, the penetration of water, chemicals and sulfates is ...

Concrete Antifreeze

Concrete antifreeze

what are concrete additives? Concrete additives are special materials that are added to concrete in addition to cement, water and aggregate. They are used to modify and increase the properties of concrete. Concrete admixtures are often used to ensure the ...




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Roof Chemistry
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Moisture Pool Insulation
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