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Roof Chemistry

Roof chemistry

BS990 9 kg roof chemical Shimi Bam is a one-component product, and with its special properties, it has replaced traditional insulators such as isogum and asphalt. After it is applied on any type of material, especially concrete and metal, a ...

Moisture Pool Insulation

Moisture pool insulation

BS200 chemical concrete pool insulation (the best Mashhad pool insulation)بتن شیمی زرین30 ثانیه2022Contact Mr. Jahdi at 09152373401 for free advice on pool cleaners and all concrete additive products.BS200 moisture pool insulationbeton shimi Zarin Company offers you a safe and ...

Powder Adhesive For Ceramic Tiles

Powder adhesive for ceramic tiles

Powder tile glue Special tile adhesive | paste tile adhesiveContact Mr. Jahdi at 09152373401 for free advice on tile adhesive and all concrete additive products and pool insulation and spacers.Types of powder tile adhesive and the best tile adhesiveSome ...



Butterfly scope and types of Z scopeبتن شیمی زرین10ثانیه2022What is a rock scoop? Stone and ceramic scopeButterfly stone facade scope and ceramic scope are the names of galvanized metal parts that prevent ceramic and stone facades from falling.Range of ...

Concrete Mold Oil

Concrete mold oil

What is mold oil?Concrete mold oil is a chemical substance that is also known as concrete mold oil and by creating a slippery layer between the concrete and the mold surface, it makes it easier to separate the mold ...



WaterproofConcrete powder waterproof additive is a mixture with very fine particles insoluble in water, which spreads throughout its entire volume after mixing with concrete. Due to the hydrophobicity of concrete powder waterproofing, the penetration of water, chemicals and sulfates is ...

Concrete Antifreeze

Concrete antifreeze

Antifreeze reinforced concrete without chloride BS780 Concreting in cold weather is one of the problems of the construction industry. One of the most important of them is the freezing of concrete due to the water in the concrete, which hinders ...




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