Medium spacer

Medium Spacer

What is a spacer?

A spacer is a plastic or metal piece that is used to create a distance between rebars in concrete. This spacing is known as the rebar cover and is necessary to protect the rebars from corrosion and also to ensure that the concrete flows evenly around the rebars.

Types of spacers in terms of gender:

Plastic spacers are lightweight and inexpensive and are suitable for general applications.


Metal spacers are stronger and more durable than plastic spacers and are suitable for heavier applications. The size of the spacers is determined according to the diameter of the rebars and the amount of coverage required.

Spacers are divided into different types based on application:

Insole spacer:

Floor spacers are used to cover rebar in floors and slabs.

Wall spacer:

Wall spacers are used to cover rebar in walls.

Column spacer:

Column spacers are used to cover rebar in columns.

Step spacer:

Stair spacers are used to cover rebar in stairs.

Medium spacer

The use of standard plastic spacers prevents corrosive agents from reaching the surface of the rebar by providing the possibility of creating a sufficient and appropriate concrete cover and creates the necessary conditions to achieve a strong structure. In short, the main task of spacers is to create a suitable distance between the earth or concrete forms with rebar and reinforcement, as well as to maintain the shape and structure of the reinforcement during the concreting operation.

Attributes :

The price is right
Good strength with the ability to withstand a point load of up to 150 kg


Medium and heavy structures such as foundation, putter and floor of heavy structures

One of the other types of tiling tools and parts is the ceramic tile leveler, which is also known in the market with names such as tile clip and tile wedge, tile clip or ceramic tile leveler, and like other types of ceramic tile spacers, it is a The useful part is important in the beauty and ease of tiling.

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